Snowman Little Girls Kids Costume

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In this section of the site you will find cute costumes that we find suitable for children that are kids sizes only for your little girl.


Girls Snowman CostumeAfter searching outside in this frosty weather for a snowman that could point us in the right direction for a little girls snowman costume we have decided that this is one of the cutest little girls dress up sets for snowman costumes available now. Your daughter now as the chance to be little miss frosty this year and blow a cold spell around the house with this cute dress up costume for kids or if she wishes to just be any regular snowman, eh now wait shall we say a snow girl.

This Snowman Kids Dress up set actually does include the scarf as most snowman costumes seem to leave it up to you to provide a snowman scarf so this is indeed one of the reason we wanted to provide you this costume. Also you get the headband which is actually the hat in the image but please be are that it Does not include boots.

At the time of writing the sizes available are extra-Small (4) (21,83,81), Small (6) (21,83,82) Medium Size (8) (21,83,83) now as for the Large which is size (10) (21,83,84) is not available at the time of writing but will be coming very soon so please click the image for an update on the sizes.




Costumes in these images only available while the stocks last.

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